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Veterinary Surgery Services: Our Commitment

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At Pet Medical Center, we are proud to offer a full range of surgical services for your pet, from the smallest laceration to complicated orthopedic procedures. Even though results can never be guaranteed when dealing with living organisms, we can guarantee you our best efforts in accomplishing the following goals:

Soft Tissue Surgery

All staff veterinarians at Pet Medical Center are fully qualified to perform general soft tissue surgery and emergency surgery. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Don Morshead, performs many of the more specialized procedures. Some of the surgeries that we offer include:

In addition, we offer these specialized surgery-related services:

Anesthesia for Your Pet

Your pet’s safety is always Pet Medical Center’s primary concern whenever anesthesia is involved. Our veterinarians customize the anesthetic protocol for each patient’s individual needs. We strongly recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing. Testing allows us to diagnose and treat previously undetected medical problems and also can guide us in our choice of anesthetic. We also recommend intravenous (IV) fluids on all surgical patients to maintain normal blood pressure and to allow rapid intravenous administration of any medications that might be urgently needed. Your pet’s vital signs are monitored during general anesthesia and surgery using any of the following methods:

Visual assessment and recording of vital signs is done by one of our trained veterinary surgical technicians.