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Pet Wellness & Vaccinations

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Puppy and Kitten Wellness

At Pet Medical Center, starting puppies or kittens off on the right paw during their first year of life is our common goal. It is during this time that they are most susceptible to the common diseases for which they need to be vaccinated. Nutrition, intestinal parasites, heartworms, spaying or neutering, training and behavioral counseling, dental care, and other health care issues will be addressed and tailored to your pet’s needs.

To help you care for your pet, we have specifically designed Puppy Wellness and Kitten Wellness programs.

Adult Pet Wellness

The adult years, ages 1-7 years, are generally the healthiest time of your pet’s life. The excellent habits that you and your pet establish during this time will set the stage for a long and healthy life.

Prevention and early detection are the cornerstones of wellness. We recommend the following Adult Wellness Program:

View a video on Wellness For Your Pet.

Senior Pet Wellness

Wasn’t it just a few short years ago that they were puppies or kittens? Sometimes it’s hard to accept, but your pets age faster than you do. They enter their senior years sooner than you might realize.

We consider pets who are 7 years or older to be seniors. Senior pets are valued and much-loved members of your family. At this stage of life, they may need a little closer observation and a little extra care. Just like humans, pets in their senior years are more prone to developing serious health problems like diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, and heart disease. Early detection is the key to diagnosing and successfully treating these problems. An annual examination by one of our veterinarians will go a long way toward helping your pets achieve the active and healthy life that you desire and that they deserve.

During the Senior Wellness Visit, we will do a physical exam, blood and urine tests, fecal analysis, dental exam, arthritis exam, rectal exam, and body condition score. Once your pet is over 12 years old, we recommend these visits twice a year so we can keep an even closer eye on potential problems. Of course, keeping senior pets’ vaccinations and parasite prevention up to date continues to be important.

View a video on Geriatric Wellness.

The three most common health problems that we see in senior pets are arthritis, obesity, and dental disease. These problems can occur at any age, but they seem to be magnified in the senior years, having a more profound effect on your pet’s quality of life. Fortunately, successful management can dramatically improve your pet’s outlook and enjoyment of life. View a video on Degenerative Joint Disease.