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We Love Cats!


The stress on you and your feline friend(s) when visiting the vet can be a constant deterrent. As cat owners ourselves, we understand your concerns and want you to rest assured that at Pet Medical Center, cat friendly practice is common practice. We have reception areas designated just for cats, keeping the stress from dog/cat interaction to a minimum. During our exams, most cats are perfectly happy and cooperative as we use very gentle handling when we work with them. Occasionally, we will have cats that are grumpy and others that are absolutely terrified; in these situations, we approach our patients carefully and slowly to ensure our protection and the cat‘s safety and comfort. We do not use masks, bags, or rabies poles when we deal with cats that are upset, as these handling methods often only make things worse.

The lesser known reason that cats aren‘t brought to the doctor as often as dogs is the belief that cats simply ”do not need medical care,“ according to a recent poll taken of cat owners. This common misconception is based on the fact that the signs of illness are often subtle and difficult to detect in cats, thus cats are often perceived as self-sufficient. Cats are famous for having no symptoms at all until their illness is quite advanced. The truth is that cats do benefit tremendously from regular veterinary visits.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) strongly recommend at least annual wellness exams for cats. The intended goal of annual or semi-annual wellness visits is to improve a cat‘s overall quality of life and to detect illness earlier when it is more responsive to treatment. When discovered early enough, some feline diseases require a simple change in habit or regimen for their owner in order to prevent the disease from progressing further. Preventative care is the best way to provide a healthier and happier life for all your cats.