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Dear Chatoak Clinic,

I wanted to say that your new Dr. Astudillo is a great asset to your office. Personable, efficient, empathetic, and Spanish speaking. As a translator for family and friends, it will be refreshing to be able to refer family and friends to a site with a Spanish speaking vet! Once again, Chatoak is at the forefront of customer service.

A. Zepeda

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To the Chatoak Clinic,

Casey came to us about 2 years ago. His owner asked us to take him because she had lost her house, was moving into an apartment and she knew that there was something wrong with Casey's knee. She took him to her own vet but couldn't afford xrays. Her vet thought that he would need surgery on his ACL. Well we did take Casey and the very first time we ever met him was at an appointment with Dr Morshead. Casey ended up needing two knee surgeries (TTA’s). We have raised the money for both of his surgeries and he is healing from his last one.

Angels in Fur Rescue

Dear Dr. Morshead & Staff,

It has been several months now since our dog Scout had his TTA surgery. We wanted to let you know how grateful we are to you and your staff. Scout received the best care possible at Pet Medical Center – Chatoak. It gives us so much joy to see our dog taking long walks again… something he had not been able to do for a long time. He has not limped in several months.

Thank you with all our hearts.

Chris and Tina R.
P.S. Big lick from Scout

Dear Dr. Morshead & Staff,

CammiCammi was found lying in a gutter. A neighbor called the North Central Shelter to pick up a dead dog....she wasn't dead! Cammi had been run over by a car. Her pelvis was badly broken, her tail had been pulled from her spine and her hock joint had been broken. The pound emailed us her photo and story. We saw her sweet face and couldn't say no. The vets at the pound thought she should be put to sleep. When I told Dr. Morshead about her and wanted to show him her x-rays he told me that he never goes by just what the x-rays show. He likes to see the dog itself before making a decision about putting it down or not. After Cammi's vet visit, we scheduled her surgery to have her tail amputated from her spine. While she was sedated, Dr. Morshead x-rayed her back leg to see if anything could be done to fix it.

Cammi is living large in Simi! She runs very fast! She jumps up on the sofa and you would NEVER know that she had been run over by a car, thanks to Dr. Morshead!!

Angels in Fur Rescue

Since 1985, we have been bringing our pets to Pet Medical Center – Chatoak to be cared for by the great team of veterinarians and assistants and most recently by the fine Dr. Edesa.

Both we and our neighbors are so appreciative to have a 24-hour Emergency Pet Medical Center that can handle everything from snakebites to serious illness and injury.

Thank you for your excellence in service!

From your four-legged friends (and humans as well),
Darral C.

Dear Dr. Morshead

I’m gladly sending you this note to let you know that Junior won his first show! I worked with him, teaching him how to place his leg, stack, and stand while rehabbing after the leg surgery. Teaching him tricks and commands was the only mental stimulus I could give him while keeping him from running around. After he healed and his hair grew back, it was just a matter of getting him trained for the ring. He was in four small shows, and then went to Torrance on August 8 and won. He won the point and best of opposite sex, all before his second birthday.

So I just wanted to THANK YOU and let you know that though his leg has a slight rotation, we were able to overcome the blemish. He has never limped and moves beautifully like his father. He’s no champion yet, but I’ll continue to show him and try my best.

You did a great job, so feel free to share our story with anyone.

Thanks again for all your hard work!
Yvonne W.

To: Dr. Linda Jackson, Dr. Rebecca Florio, Dr. Lauren Kishimoto, and all of the staff from Pet Medical Center – Chatoak

Thank you to everyone for all of your support and kindness during this very difficult time. We appreciate everything that you all did very much. God bless you.

Jackie L.

Dear Dr. Edesa and Staff,
Thank you so very much for the wonderful care and attention you gave Alvin and Tiger while we were away. An extra thank you to Dave who personally cared for them. Alvin and Tiger came home calm, happy, and well fed. It is obvious that Chatoak is committed to high quality care!

Thank you.
Mary, Kris, and Shawn B.

Dr. Jackson

You have been our real live angel! Beanie is an incredibly blessed kitty to have you as his doctor. Your expertise, attention, care, and love have exceeded the expectations of us all and I will forever be grateful to you for everything you have done to help heal our beloved family member. Thank you cannot express the depth of how blessed we feel to be the recipients of your incredible compassion. For every moment left with Beanie, each shared moment of love, you will be there in spirit.

With a heart filled with love and friendship,
Dawn, Corey, and Beanie

To the Chatoak Clinic,
In the past few months, we have had the unfortunate problem of dealing with the illness of one of our family, Cinder. Throughout this difficult time, during which Cinder was hospitalized twice, we had only sympathetic and courteous dealings with the members of your staff. We are quite aware of the stresses of handling sick animals and distraught owners, and we commend the professionalism of your staff.

In particular we want to thank Dr. Linda Jackson for her skills, expertise, and compassion. Dr. Jackson made herself totally available to us and helped us enormously as the end drew near. We are indebted to her for helping us through the final moments and for her shared love of our friend. Her devotion to her profession is an inspiration, even for health care professionals like ourselves.

Thank you for providing excellence in veterinary care and service.

Judy and Mike G.

Dear Dr. Morshead

I want to express my deep appreciation for the virtual miracle you performed on my 9-year old dog, Toby. When I brought him to you he had no appetite and no joy of living. He would just lie around all day, barely raising his head, and on rare occasions when he did move, favor his right rear leg. After X-rays revealed dysplasia and resultant arthritis in both hips (particularly the right one), you recognized that in view of his advanced years it was best not to put him, and me, through the trauma of a hip replacement. I know from experience with a rottweiler that it’s a long and painful recovery for both dog and owner (try walking a 110-pound animal like a wheelbarrow for a month, holding his rear end raised by a strap under his belly so that he walks only with his from feet as you stoop over and follow behind). Instead, you suggested completely non-invasive and non-painful laser therapy. You explained that while this series of treatments didn’t cure the problem the way surgery does, it ideally relieves the dog’s discomfort, enabling it to use the damaged leg more effectively and rebuild muscle mass while greatly reducing its suffering.

And the treatments delivered, big time. After three 15-minute weekly sessions, Toby started an amazing recovery. I might add that the relative inexpensiveness of this series of procedures compared with surgery was also greatly appreciated. At any rate, Toby resumed eating like a horse, jumping up on furniture (including my bed), licking my face when he decided it was time for me to get up in the morning, leaping and placing his front paws on my chest when I asked if he wanted to go for a walk or a ride in the car, and tugging at his leash when he did go for a walk.

Thank you so much for giving me my dog back.

Kindest regards,
Ed S.